Township Information

Township Officer Duties

In Des Moines County, most township trustees and clerks are appointed. Officials in Richland and Washington Townships are elected to four-year terms.

Township Trustee Duties

  1. Annually prepare and adopt a budget and certify taxes for the following services:
    • Fire & Rescue
    • Maintenance of Township Cemeteries
    • Township Hall Repairs
    • Tort Liability Insurance
  2. Resolve fence disputes

Township Clerk Duties

  1. Maintain a record of all proceedings and orders of the trustees
  2. Maintain records and documents
  3. Prepare annual Statement of Receipts & Disbursements

Township Officials

The Auditor's Office maintains a list of current township officials.

Township Officials

Township Budgets

Township budgets can be found at the Iowa Department of Management website. Budgets and annual reports can also be viewed at the Auditor's Office.

Current Township Budgets

Historic Township Budgets