Summer is a time of exploration and discovery, and at our nature center, July has been an absolute blast! From exciting summer camp activities to public programs that brought the community together, we've been busy connecting people with the wonders of nature. And that's not all – we have fantastic news to share! Thanks to the generosity of Walmart, we were awarded a $1000 grant, which will be used to create rentable program backpacks for our nature center visitors. Let's dive into the highlights of this incredible month and see what we have in store for August!

July's Highlights: We started the month by ensuring our trails were safe and clear for all our visitors, making sure that downed limbs didn't hinder anyone's exploration.

Our team had an enriching meeting with Cathy Zigler to discuss exciting bat-themed programs, which we can't wait to bring to the community soon.

We've been working closely with the Pieces coordinator to plan an upcoming season filled with nature-inspired activities during the school season.

One of the month's most unforgettable events was the Night Creek Stomp at Starr's Cave. Around 150 participants equipped with headlamps explored the creek at night, discovering bones, crawdads, fossils, and macro invertebrates. The overwhelming turnout made it a night to remember!

We were thrilled to participate in the Community Parks event, where our very own Marcus had a booth. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow nature enthusiasts and share our passion for the outdoors.

Reflecting on our previous events and programs helps us fine-tune our offerings, ensuring an even more enjoyable experience for future visitors.

The completion of our summer camps mark the end of an incredible season filled with learning, fun, and unforgettable moments for all the young nature enthusiasts who participate.Although the summer camp season is drawing to a close, we're excited to give one last group of campers an unforgettable experience with nature.

As the seasons change, we're shifting gears to create a host of engaging fall programs for our visitors of all ages.

This month, we'll be celebrating the retirement of our beloved team member, Pat Rogge, who has been an integral part of our conservation family for many years.

Join us for a special Summer Celebration event, where we'll reminisce about the amazing memories made throughout the season.

Our dedicated volunteers have been instrumental in making our programs a success. To show our appreciation, we're hosting a special dinner in their honor.

On August 26th, we're inviting water enthusiasts to join us for a serene paddle at the Big Hollow Recreation area. Get ready for a day filled with scenic beauty and tranquility. Call to reserve your spot (319-753-5808).

As the end of the month approaches, we'll begin our monarch tagging programs, a fantastic opportunity to witness these majestic butterflies on their migratory journey.

July has been a month filled with adventure, learning, and community engagement at our nature center. We are immensely grateful for the support we've received, including the Walmart grant, which will allow us to provide even more enriching experiences for our visitors. As we dive into August, we eagerly look forward to embracing the changing seasons and continuing our mission of connecting people with the wonders of nature. We hope to see you at our upcoming events and programs – let's make this month one to remember!

published Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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