Volunteer Camp Host

DMCC is looking for volunteer camp hosts for 4th Pumping Station and Welter Recreation Area campgrounds

The Campground Host is a temporary, full-time volunteer who provides services in the management of public campgrounds during the primary camping season (mid-May to mid-September). The Host’s main goal will be to ensure that each park visitor has an enjoyable experience. Campground Hosts serve as the first source of park information and therefore must be well informed about their area, professional, and able to communicate effectively with the public. The Campground Host is responsible for keeping park facilities (i.e. restrooms, registration kiosks) clean and supplied and makes sure park rules are being followed. Most violations are caused by misunderstanding and are quite unintentional, and therefore easily handled. Beyond drawing attention to/explaining the park rules, the Host does not serve in any enforcement capacity. The Host reports any and all direct, intentional violations (along with necessary information such as license plate numbers) to the Park Ranger or other law enforcement personnel to be handled accordingly. The Host assists users with camping registration and oversees firewood sales.

Specific work duties:
•    Fill the information booth(s) with camping receipts and brochures.
•    Perform routine maintenance of area such as picking up litter, tree limbs, etc.
•    Sell firewood to campers, provide sales receipts, and provide sales records to DMCC staff.
•    Ensure no outside firewood is brought into the park.
•    Check/clean restrooms regularly and stock with toilet paper.
•    Provide information about the park or Des Moines County Conservation.
•    Write down license plate numbers of individuals camping overnight in the park.
•    Report any violations or suspicious activity to the proper authorities (Park Ranger or Sheriff Deputy).
•    Report any park maintenance/repair needs to DMCC staff.
•    Perform other duties as directed by DMCC staff.

Required Qualifications:
•    Valid Driver’s License
•    Working knowledge of plants and wildlife common to Iowa.
•    Ability to communicate park rules and policies effectively with the public.
•    Ability to give verbal directions clearly.
•    Ability to write legibly, make change from purchases, and record sales.
•    Ability to use tact and initiative to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers as well as the general public.
•    Willingness to live on site and work weekends, holidays, irregular hours, and nights.
•    Willingness to wear prescribed uniforms.
•    First aid / CPR training is recommended.

•    No camp fee is required to stay in the park area.
•    Free electricity
•    Free water
•    Free firewood
•    No dumping fee for camper
•    Des Moines County Conservation uniforms provided

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