Zion Schoolhouse

A one-room school house on a one acre lot, Old Zion School is maintained as a historic landmark. The limestone schoolhouse was built in the 1840’s and served the Zion School District from 1846 until 1964 when school district consolidation closed nearly all of the 100 one room school houses in the area. The Zion School District donated the property to Des Moines County Conservation in 1965. The property resides along the Flint River Trail. In order to protect its interior, the building remains locked except during special events.               


Take Highway 61 north from Burlington. Turn west on 170th St., go 2 miles, then turn south on Teal Road Go ½ mile and turn back west on 165th St., go about 1 mile and turn south on 155th Avenue The schoolhouse will be on the right.

16495 155th Ave.
Sperry, IA 52650

Map · Zion Schoolhouse