Watch Wildlife

Looking for the best places to view wildlife in Des Moines County? Here are some of our favorites.

Starr's Cave Park and Preserve 

With its miles of trails and assortment of habitats, Starr's Cave Park and Preserve is a mecca for wildlife. Expect to see everything from owls nesting on the cliff face to songbirds to large mammals.

Luckenbill Woods 

Another preserve but farther from town, Luckenbill Woods doesn't get the foot traffic that other parks do. It therefore offers a bit more solitude for spotting elusive birds and other wildlife. It offers both forest and open land and even a couple ponds.

Mississippi River Accesses

The Mississippi River offers unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Expect to see virtually every species of Mississippi Flyway waterfowl in the spring, bald eagles in the winter and other unique species all year long.

More Places to Explore

There are many more places to check out in Des Moines County. Check out all of Des Moines County Conservation's Recreation Areas.

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