DESCOM was started July 1, 2014 to provide all emergency dispatch and 911 services to residents of Des Moines County. Prior to July 1, all dispatch duties were done by dispatchers that were civil service employees and worked for the Burlington Police Department. DESCOM is its own emergency service organization that works with and provides dispatch services to all law enforcement, medical and fire agencies in Des Moines County. We are honored to work along side the public safety agencies in Des Moines county and even more honored to serve the citizens of our great community.

Advisory Board

The advisory board is a non-voting technical advisory committee composed of members of the public safety community. The current board includes representatives from:

  • Burlington Police Department
  • Des Moines County Sheriff’s Department
  • West Burlington Police Department
  • Burlington Fire Department
  • Des Moines County Fire Association
  • Des Moines County EMS Association

Control Board

The control board is vested in seven voting directors comprised of an appointed and elected representative of each of the following political subdivisions:

  • City of Burlington: 3 voting Directors 
  • Des Moines County: 2 Voting Directors
  • Danville, Mediapolis, Middletown: 1 Voting Director
  • City of West Burlington: 1 Voting Director 


Bob Beck
Des Moines County
Jon Billups
City of Burlington
Jim Ferneau
City of Burlington
Mike Johnstone
Des Moines County
Matt Rinker
City of Burlington
Jerry Strause, Mayor
Danville, Mediapolis, Middletown
Hans Trousil, Mayor
City of West Burlington

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