Landowner Services

Des Moines County Conservation (DMCC) offers numerous services for private landowners undertaking conservation projects. Listed is a brief description of some of the available services. Contact DMCC directly for more detailed information. Work will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. Availability of services will depend on scheduled workload, weather, etc., so some services may not be available at certain times. Call to check on availability. 

Des Moines County Conservation and the Aldo Leopold Pheasants Forever Chapter continue to work together to offer services and cost share opportunities for landowners. The overall goal of the program is to establish and enhance wildlife habitat in Des Moines County by ensuring proper land stewardship practices.

Wildlife Management Planning

Cost: This service is free to landowners.

This service provides landowners with management recommendations based on their specific objectives. Our knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations on how to optimize land for wildlife. We can often then connect landowners to programs that help pay for the recommended practices. 

Native Grass Planting

Cost: Minimum charge of $250 for small projects; Flat rate of $45/acre for larger ones. 

We provide planting services for various applications. This includes CRP planting and mid-contract management (MCM) practices. We have no-till drills and a broadcast seeder to meet your planting needs.

Planting Equipment Rental

We have a 6' Truax no-till seed drill available for rent, subject to availability. It can be used to establish native grasses or grain food plots. 

No-Till Drill Rental Cost: $100/day.

We also offer a PTO-driven Vicon broadcast seeder that can be used to broadcast grasses or food plot seed. 

Broadcast Seeder Rental Cost: $80/day.

Food Plot EstablishmentFood Plot

Cost: Minimum charge of $250 for small projects; Flat rate of $45/acre for larger ones (food plot seed sold separately). 

Food plots provide excellent sources of supplemental food for wildlife, especially during the winter months. We offer food plot recommendations for landowners as well as seed and planting services to establish the plots. 

Tree/Shrub Planting

Cost: Fees are determined by the project. Call for a free estimate.

We offer tree/shrub planting services specific to landowner objectives. Projects include: reforestation, quail thickets and windbreaks.

Pheasants Forever

Prescribed Burn Assistance

Cost: $500 for up to ten acres, $50 per additional acre.

Prescribed fire is by far one of the best ways to manage grassland acres. Though Des Moines County Conservation does not offer this service, the Aldo Leopold Chapter of Pheasants Forever sometimes can. A professionally-prepared Prescribed Burn Plan must be submitted for review and approval and burn-day conditions must meet prescription before any burn takes place.

Prescribed burn assistance must be applied for at least 30 days in advance of the planned burn date. Prescribed fire is one of the allowed mid-contract management activities for CRP management.


Cost: Minimum charge of $250 for small projects; Flat rate of $50/acre for larger ones.

Strip-Disking is yet another option to set back succession. This practice helps to break up sod bound grass stands. Strip-Disking is another common mid-contract management activity for CRP management. 

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