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Collection Program

For many people, outstanding Court debt has become a financial hardship.  This could result in suspension of driver’s license, non-renewal of vehicle registration, contempt charges, or even jail time.

There are two payment programs available through the Des Moines County Attorney’s Office for persons having delinquent Court obligations due to the State of Iowa Clerk of Court.

Driver’s License Reinstatement Program (CAPP – County Attorney Pay Plan)

This program allows you to reinstate your driver’s license by consolidating payments on all unpaid traffic fines that are suspending your license.  A CAPP allows you to drive, with your license, while you pay off delinquent fines. You can check your driver’s license status on the Iowa DOT website.

Due to new legislation, cases from defaulted CAPPs are now eligible for reinstatement into new CAPPs.  However, there is still a maximum of 5 CAPPS in your lifetime.

Non-driver’s License Payment Plan

This plan is for those who do not need, or may not qualify for the CAPP program. This program allows weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. We can all so help with the yearly renewal of registration of vehicle(s), and can help avoid future contempt charges and garnishments of wages.

Payment plans must remain in good standing, and are subject to program rules and Iowa Code §331.756 and §602.8107 


  • The ease of one payment for all your delinquent Des Moines County cases.
  • Renewal of vehicle registration.
  • Avoid contempt charges.
  • Avoid garnishment of wages.
  • One-on-one personal assistance from our collections staff.

Requirements for License Reinstatement:

  • Child support must be current for driver’s license reinstatement.
  • Must obtain and maintain liability insurance (Auto Insurance) for license reinstatement.
  • Must not have any pending criminal charges or open warrants.


  • Payments using cash, checks, or money order must be paid at the Clerk of Court located at 513 N. Main St, Burlington, IA 52601.
  • Debit card payments may be made at the Clerk of Court, the Des Moines County Attorney’s Office or Iowa Courts Online Payment Search.

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