The Truancy Task Force Program

Truancy is the lack of consistent attendance at school under Iowa’s compulsory education law under Iowa Code Chapter 299. The Des Moines County Attorney’s Office partners and coordinates this program with the local schools and local law enforcement in Des Moines County. The goal of this program is to provide additional resources for the schools in Des Moines County to assist in developing and implementing a truancy program to address student absences. An additional goal of the program is to foster additional communication between parents and their child’s school administration. If needed, the Des Moines County Attorney’s Office requests court intervention and has developed a program that consistently monitors a child’s future attendance after the intervention to determine how attendance can be improved. The County Attorney’s Office believes that education lays the groundwork for a successful future and that every day a student is absent has a detrimental effect on their future. Together, as a team, we can keep kids off the street and in the classroom.

School Bus Safety Program

This program was implemented in coordination with the Burlington Police Department to allow
first time offenders of the Unlawful Passing of a School Bus statute, who have no recent history
of traffic infractions, to attend an educational program developed by the Burlington Police
Department in exchange for consideration on the pending traffic citation. Classes are held every
4-6 months on a Saturday and acceptance to the program is not guaranteed. Applications for
the program are available at the Des Moines County Clerk of Court and the Des Moines County
Attorney’s Office. An application must be completed and a pending Unlawful Passing of a School
Bus violation must be active to be considered for the program.

Courtroom to Classroom

Presentations are given, by prosecutors from the Des Moines County Attorney's Office, to area schools or groups as requested. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Bullying
  • Government
  • Drugs
  • How Crime Impacts Victims
  • Open and Honest Answers about the Juvenile Court System
  • "It's an attitude thing" Practical tips when dealing with law enforcement

If there is a particular topic you are interested in having presented to a group, please contact the County Attorney's Office to schedule a presentation.

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