Alert Iowa is a statewide mass notification and emergency messaging system.
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Sign up with Alert Iowa to receive weather, imminent emergency, and public safety warnings. In addition to your own phone numbers and email, you can register contact information for your spouse and family. In the event of an emergency, a text message, voice call, or email will be sent to the contact information that you register with the system.

Alert Iowa will allow citizens to sign up for the types of alerts they would like to receive, as well as what Des Moines County communities they would like to receive alerts for. English and Spanish are both available for language selection.

We encourage you to sign up for home, school, and workplace addresses. Messages can be issued via landline or wireless phone, text messaging, email, FAX, TDD/TYY, and social media. Messages may contain photo, video, and audio attachments to help subscribers better understand the situation at hand, or where to find additional information.

Alert Iowa is customizable, and you have the option to add personal medical and/or access and functional needs information. The Des Moines County Emergency Management Agency can use this information for planning purposes only at this time. This information is for planning purposes only and does not automatically populate to 911 call centers if you call them during other emergencies. 

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