The Des Moines County Emergency Management Commission is comprised of city and county officials.

Iowa Code, Chapter 29C.9 calls for the establishment of Local Emergency Management Commissions to oversee local emergency management functions within each county. The Commission is comprised of a member of the County Board of Supervisors, the sheriff, and the mayor from each city within the county. This commission should not be confused with a Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) that focuses on Hazard Materials in a community. 


According to Iowa Code 29C.10, the Emergency Management Commission shall appoint an emergency management coordinator and delegate their authority in order to fulfill the Commission’s duties as described in the Code of Iowa and the Administrative Rules. When a disaster or emergency occurs, the emergency management coordinator shall provide coordination and assistance to the governing officials of the municipalities and the county. Examples of the functions and responsibilities of Commissions (and typically implemented by coordinators) as outlined in the associated Iowa Administrative Code, Section 605, Chapter 7 include:

Develop and maintain the Comprehensive Emergency Plan, and test this plan through exercises

Develop and establish a warning system

Assist other governmental entities within the county in developing organizational plans and training programs

Develop standard operating procedures for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and supervise EOC operations

Maintain inventory of resources (resource management) 

Prepare and present an agency budget

Maintain liaison with local, county and state offices

Direct training of staff and volunteers, and assist cities and the county with its training programs

Prepare informational material for dissemination to the public

Meet with interested groups to explain the emergency management program and enlist their support and cooperation.


These functions can only be accomplished with substantial support from local officials.

Emergency Management Commission

Tom Broeker, Chair
Board of Supervisors
Kevin Glendening, Vice Chair
Jon Billups
Mayors of Burlington
Stephanie Gerst
Mayor of Middletown
Vollie Rifner
Council Member for Mediapolis
Jerry Strause
Mayor of Danville
Ron Teater
Mayor of West Burlington
Lynda Graham-Murray, Alternate
Joe Huff, Alternate
Gregg Mandsager, Alternate
West Burlington
Shane McCampbell, Alternate
Board of Supervisors
Chad McCune, Alternate
Sheriff's Office
Ray Wilson, Alternate

2024 Emergency Management Commission Meetings

March 14, 2024 · 5:00pm
Work Session
February 21, 2024 · 5:00pm
Budget Meeting
January 10, 2024 · 5:00pm

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