Outdoor Warning Siren Information

Outdoor warning sirens are quite simply tools to warn people who are outdoors to take immediate, potentially life-saving action by finding shelter from an imminent deadly threat
  • These sirens will be activated in the event that a specific area is experiencing or will be experiencing, life-threatening weather conditions that may include such threats as:
    • Tornados,
    • Severe thunderstorms with winds 70 mph or greater,
    • Hail golf ball sized (1-inch) or larger.
  • These sirens are activated for 2 minutes, will be off for 5 minutes, come back on for 2 minutes, be off for 5 minutes, and this cycle will continue for the duration of the threat or until there is a loss of power to the siren (the exception is Danville and Mediapolis, these sirens are continuous).
  • The sirens are an OUTDOOR warning device.  They are not designed to be heard indoors!
  • When you hear the siren, take shelter immediately and tune to your local radio station and/or NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards for more information.


City of Burlington:

  • 1411 Grove Street (near Burlington Schools Admin Building)
  • 3104 West Avenue (near US Bank)
  • 331 Shields (near River Mart)
  • 400 Washington (on City Hall)
  • 2747 Sunnyside (& Dehn St.)
  • 906 Ash (near former Oak Street Middle School)

City of West Burlington:

  • 301 Broadway (at West Burlington Fire Department)
  • 1015 S. Gear (at SCC)

City of Middletown

  • 108 South Drive (near water tower)

Town of Yarmouth

  • 20454 Eastern Avenue (at Yarmouth Fire Department)

City of Danville: 

  • 419 S. Main St. (at Danville Schools)
  • 203 N. Elm St. (at Danville Fire Department)
  • 700 S. Main Street (at Wastewater Treatment Plant) 

City of Mediapolis:

  • 510 Main Street (at Mediapolis Fire Department)


Please visit the Iowa Emergency Management Association link for more information about outdoor warning sirens.

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