History of Jail

The Des Moines County Correctional Center was opened in 1995 as a 68-bed direct supervision jail and is supported by 33 staff members including correctional officers, transport officers, administration, and kitchen staff.

Before the current facility at 3630 Bauer Drive in Burlington, there was a 20-bed facility that opened in 1890 located on the corner of High street and Main St. where the current Public Library stands today.  Fifty years later a courthouse was constructed with a built-in jail that housed around 30 inmates.

Fingerprinting Services

The Des Moines County Correctional Center provides fingerprinting to individuals who require this service for employment. Fingerprinting is done Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Fingerprinting fees: $20.00 (cash only)

Inmate Information

Room and Board

In accordance with 356.7 of the Iowa Code, it is the policy of the Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office to charge each inmate booked and housed in the Des Moines County Correctional Center a room and board fee of $55 per day.

Work Release

Inmates who are granted work release by the courts need to complete the Work Release form and return to the Des Moines County Correctional Center. The form can also be obtained at the Correctional Center.

Work release inmates are charged $20.00 per working day and must be paid up to date weekly before going out to work. The $20.00-a-day fee will be deducted from their $55-a-day room and board fee.

Phone Calls/Video Calls

  • All inmate calls are $0.21 per minute
  • All video calls are $0.35 per minute
  • All text messaging is $0.15 per message

Friends and family may visit Prodigysales.com to place monies on account.



Inmates may purchase commissary items once per week.

Jail ATM

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